Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a gorgeous surprise.....

My lovely friend Sue brought me these beautiful flowers on Friday - "just because", she said.

I think it is "just because" she is a truly wonderful, kind and thoughtful friend, and I am very lucky....

sooooo cute.....

My lovely and already very talented, soap-maker extraordinaire, and sewing friend Gabbie has recently started a photography course.  While she was visiting a couple of weeks ago, she took these lovely photos of Ollie for practice -

I really adore these photos.  Just as well he had been groomed by his "canine stylist" (my sister) recently; he was suffering from a rather severe case of bedhead prior to having his photoshoot (yes, that is one naughty (and very cute!) little doggie who sneaked into my bed one morning.....)


Yep, I seem to have been missing in action. Not really sure why, only that sometimes life kind of just.... happens. A few things have been worked on -

the cushion for my niece now finished (and she loved it) -

a few more of the windmill blocks -

a new scrap quilt in pinks and greens, just cut into simple squares -

the centre medallion block for the Round Robin challenge -

and some more of my crochet blanket -

I have also been working on an Irish Chain style of quilt, done in mostly William Morris fabrics.  Looking forward to posting piccies of that soon.