Monday, March 5, 2012

monday musings.....

You may know, if you have read older posts on my blog, that I had a part time job at one of my local quilt shops, one of the two in my town. Sadly, the shop has now closed down, closing it's doors for the last time yesterday. I am happy to have my weekends free again, but I will also miss the fun I had with my wonderful co-workers, the lovely customers, and of course playing with all the beautiful, colourful, much coveted fabrics that I loved each week!

Strangely, although I still work 3.5 days at my office job, I feel like I am actually on holidays - suddenly it seems as though I have so much free time. The reality is that I will need to try and pick up some extra hours somewhere but in the meantime, I mean to enjoy my weekends. Free weekends = lots of sewing time = a very excited Tania!

And Ollie is very excited to have his Mum home on weekends too, instead of being left at home on his own.

So, where to start with my sewing?? There is SOOOO much I want to do, but for the moment my priorities are my Round Robin centre medallion block, and my niece's birthday quilt - her 'Americana' quilt. Watch this space for some new sewing soon!

a bit of kaffe love


  1. Oh I long for a little more time to be at home lucky you. No little Lawson is a bitza. Mum looks like a western terrier dad might be either a malteze/shitzu/something or alternative dad looks like he might have a bit of Duschand no pedigrees here lol.

  2. Ooh,lovely fabrics! Hope you enjoy your extra time to do whatever takes your fancy,and of course give Ollie some extra attention! :0)

  3. I'm so glad there is an upside to the closure and hope you find an enjoyable second job.


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