Thursday, October 18, 2012

soooo frustrating.....

Hello!  Once again I have been a remiss blogger - my last post was in June?!  Really?!? Time does fly....

But, all of a sudden I have lots I want to post about, and my home internet has suddenly died.  Which means I can write posts on my computer at work, but cannot upload any photos.  And I have so many photos to share, and currently no way to upload them until I can get my home internet fixed - hopefully soon.

I have been a busy little bee these past couple of months - some quilt classes and workshops, an amazing weekend retreat with art quilter extraordinaire Helen Godden, an extra long weekend spent in Canberra which I had never visited before, and some craftiness to share....

Hopefully I will see you all again very soon - photos in tow!

T xxx

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  1. Hi tania are you the Tania that was at Millrose cottage on sunday with the bloggers sit and sew.xx


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