Sunday, October 6, 2013

another beach holiday part 2 ~ the sewing edition.....

Sue and I did both get quite a bit of sewing done while we were at St Leonards, and I think we were both quite pleased at the progress we made. 

We both worked on - and finished - our Wednesday night challenge project ~

I had a lovely morning on Tuesday, getting up early, making a lovely, hot cup of tea, and sewing the binding down on this tablerunner.  I also finished the book I have been reading and really enjoying.

a perfect Tuesday morning.....

I did get sidetracked into a mini quilt (which was not part or the sewing plan), using some of the new fabrics I had bought at The Blanket Box, plus a few I had taken along from my stash. Sue's Toy Voyager friends were most interested to see what I was up to, and kept a close eye on the proceedings.....

Sue worked on binding a couple of Christmas wallhangings and a Halloween tablerunner for a friend in New Zealand, and finishing (yes, FINISHING- finally!!!) the huge hexagon quilt she has been repairing. It took some convincing, but I made her do the Happy Dance to celebrate...

Sue also very kindly helped me baste the Halloween wallhanging I am making for the same friend in NZ after I had made a pieced back from some scraps, as the backing I had brought with me was not big enough.  It was then on to the hand quilting I am doing on this project.  

At the moment I am also doing leaders and enders on my sewing machine, and I was pleased to have got through quite a few of those over the few days we were there.

It was a wonderful few days away (thanks, Sue!), and too soon it was time to go home again - 
until the next time.....


  1. such beautiful work ladies,what fun you guys have,well done.xx

  2. Lovely work...and I'm loving the happy dance.

  3. Mmmmm....not sure about that happy dance, but VERY happy to have the quilt top done!

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful time...and accomplished a lot!


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