Sunday, June 21, 2015


I love to watch my nephew play basketball, and try to go each week.  Yesterday his Mum had something else on and couldn't take him (for the first time!), so I took him down.  15 minutes into the game, my nephew pulled up in a lot of pain, having rolled his ankle.  All the local doctors had closed by that time, so with lots of icing it overnight, my sister took him to the doctor this morning.

Possibly broken, or severely damaged ligaments.....

Ouch.... x-rays tomorrow, and crutches for the next few days at least.....

Hope you're not in too much pain sweetie.....


  1. Hi Tania,oh i hope he is okay.xx

  2. Wishing your nephew a quick and full recovery. Good thing you were there to help.

  3. Oh hope he is ok Tania...Adam did that years ago and ended up with an apple sized swelling on his ankle...we ended up spending the evening at Western General!! Lovely!! Had chipped the ankle bone and stretched everything!! And his horrible mother was saying get up and into the game Adam!!! Being young they recover quickly though!!


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