Tuesday, October 18, 2011

magazine love.....

I tried. I really did.

I love my magazines. Anyone who loves magazines will know what I mean: their smooth, glossy covers, the swooningly gorgeous photos, the lovely writing, the sheer tactile joy of a new issue, the wishing and hoping to have a chair/room/house/garden/life like that.

I guess I'm a bit addicted. The I've-got-20-years-of-back-issues-of-Country-Living kind of addicted. And I do often pull out old issues to flick through and savour. But, just lately, something did not feel Quite Right. I would catch a peek out the corner of my eye of their glorious piles in my bookcase, and I would feel a bit kind of ...... squirmily uncomfortable:

that really is a lot of magazines; maybe they are just a whole lot of clutter; do I REALLY need that many magazines?; maybe that's getting to be kind of an expensive hobby;

I tried going cold turkey. But I missed my shiny little friends.

So I tried buying and viewing them online. That's good, right? Cheaper, sometimes a lot cheaper. More up-to-date issues. Less clutter. Maybe a few less trees being chopped down.

Only it was not The Same. Where was the thrill value? To read an article I needed to zoom in and slide the page around, back and forth until I felt dizzy. And, it's a bit hard to feel ridiculously excited about snuggling in bed with a new magazine and a cup of tea when you don't have a laptop and your desktop PC is in the other room.

So now I'm off to read Country Homes and Interiors with a cup of tea and a freshly home-baked bikkie (or two).

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