Saturday, May 31, 2014

the party has started.....

First of all, huge thanks to Chooky for inviting us all to a wonderful weekend of sewing and partying.  Isn't the cyber quilting community a wonderful place!?  SO many ladies coming together from their own homes to connect with other like minded sewing- and craft-aholics.

The party has started here... Today I am working on some gifts - so no pictures till later in the week for those - and hopefully a small Christmas wall hanging that I am at least planning on turning into a flimsy today.  Some tracing on the light pad is also in the planning department.

Here I am, all set up and rearing to go lol -

Working on my first gifty project -

A cup of tea and something yummy to accompany some hand sewing -

This is my favourite tea cup which I often drink out of - but I have even bought out the saucer to celebrate this momentous occasion, lol!

And here is one snoozy little puppy, wondering what all the excitement is about!  No supervisor here, Sue!

I hope your day is going well - and if you are partying with Chooky too, I am so pleased to be sewing along with you!



  1. oh Ollie is so cute and boy you are doing well i am making some soup at the moment,i will get my fabrics out in a minute,enjoy your weekend and oh that cup and saucer is devine,so pretty.xx

  2. Love your cup and saucer! So elegant!! I can bring the supervisor over if he is needed just give me a yell!! Lol!!
    Your gifty project looks interesting!

  3. Tania what a great set up...have fun I am glad Ollie is helping....

  4. Tania it is looking a great celebration. Enjoy the weekend of sewing. Your cup is gorgeous. I also love King Charles cave my family have many of them that have been show dogs.

  5. so glad you had to flakes I love them................blogland is amazing isn't much fun...............


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