Monday, July 20, 2015

FNSI, a catch up, and sewing frustrations.....

I still don't seem to have been able to get into the practice of blogging regularly, as I had planned to do.....

Anyway, here is a sort of catch up, as most of the sewing that has been happening here has been 
Secret Sewing.  There has been this.....

my parcels sent off for Chez's Christmas in July swap.....

and this.....started on Friday night during one of my favourite nights of the month, FNSI, hosted by Wendy

...the beginnings of a gift I am making for a friend, from French General fabrics.  I had hoped to finish this and get it off in the mail this week, however......

VERY frustratingly, both my sewing machine and I have sustained Sewing Injuries..... (a half-hearted lol...)

I seem to have wrecked my thumb, possibly caused by too much hand sewing and hand quilting in too short a time, which is making hand sewing and generally just trying to grip things very difficult and painful.... 
and yesterday I managed to damage my sewing machine too.....

I was on the very last block of 16, the previous 15 having worked perfectly, doing some machine applique, and was having some difficulty in getting my bottom thread to come through to the top.  I think I must have been a bit over-zealous in pulling on the top thread to pop the bottom thread through..... I'm not really sure how it happened, but the needle, going down, hit the plate, bent and broke, and now the whole needle mechanism seems to have been thrown out of alignment, as when I now put the needle down it either hits the foot or the plate.  

With a new needle in, some gentle wiggling and nudging took place, and then a bit more forceful pushing and pulling... some swearing may have been involved....  but it seems we are both now pretty much out of action sewing-wise.

I am so frustrated, as I had a list of things I wanted to get finished this month, and was doing well with them.  So I guess I will resort to preparing projects as much as I am able, and a bit of tidying up and reorganising my sewing stuff will not go astray - and thank goodness I don't currently have any urgent deadlines to meet!

I am missing my sewing though.....


  1. I wonder what's in those pressies and who they are for! Hope your thumb is better soon Tania. Hugs, Christine xx

  2. such lovely presents Tania,oh i hope your finger is better soon and not good when your machines dont co-operate,hope you have a lovely day Tania xx

  3. can't wait to see what you have in those secret parcels...
    love your little red and cream project. bummer about your and your machine's injury.
    good to give your hand a rest after a marathon quilting and stitching session.

  4. Your parcel looks great! Not so good about the machine and your thumb, hope you are both back inaction very soon!
    Your red and cream project looks interesting!

  5. Such pretty parcels and of course I love the beautiful French General secret sewing. Sorry to hear about your machine and your poor old thumb. I get that sometimes and it is a pain..feel better soon x

  6. Oh dear! Would you like to borrow my machine - don't need it atm. I also have an old one for emergencies. Rest the thumb for a few days, maybe it'll come better.

  7. What a disasterous day. I hope your thumb recovers quickly and you can find a doctor for your machine

  8. I feel for you... so frustrating when things don't work just right!!! I love the fabrics and pieces you are playing with though...

  9. oh no Tania! You will have to become left handed for a bit :-) Fingers crossed it gets better soon. I can get John to have a look at your machine if you like?

  10. Hello Tania....I recognise those prettily wrapped presents, they've been sitting on my coffee table for a few days. And the gifts inside are just beautiful, lovely work and everything smells so good. The hexagonal table centre is perfect, as I have round dining table. I love the mug as well, vintage Christmas images are my favourite. Thankyou for being my Secret Santa and making my day with these gifts. I hope your thumb is better soon and your machine too, no good not being able to sew.


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