Thursday, September 22, 2011

my guy....

...of the four-legged variety. Yep, this is Ollie. Handsome little chap isn't he? I just ADORE this little guy. It had been quite awhile since I last had a dog, and I have never had a small dog before (my last dog was a labrador), but I enjoy having him around so much and he is just the perfect size to tuck into my life. He is just a perfect little companion - very undemanding and quiet, but very affectionate too.

We have a little game we play. I hide in one of the rooms down the hallway and he comes down looking for me and when he gets to where I am I step out, and OFF he races down the hall, with his little ears flapping up and down and his fluffy little pantaloon legs racing along. It is sooooooo cute!!

He comes most everywhere with me, including to my office job. Luckily I have a boss who loves dogs too, so Ollie is our Honorary Guard Dog. I work here in an old house with a big backyard and Ollie can't wait to get out there in the morning to see what new smells he can find and have a good roll around in the grass and a bit of a scamper. He just loves it.

Here he is in the yard, lazing in the sun and enjoying a cool little breeze.

Sadly, he is very timid and nervous with other people as he had one home where he was very mistreated. Even now, if I raise my arm or move suddenly he takes fright and even still sometimes cowers, poor little guy, but otherwise he is now very relaxed and happy with me and loves to snuggle up whenever he can.

The funniest thing is that he PURRS!!! I kid you not, when he is all snuggled up and feeling content he makes the cutest little groany-wheezy noise in the back of his throat to the same rythym as a cat purring - TRUE!! He is a funny little thing.


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