Saturday, September 24, 2011

sleep (or, the joys of being a fledgling blogger)

It's such a yearning-ful (I think I just made that up!) word.

SLEEEEEEEP. Not a lot of which is happening here just now.

I didn't think when I started my little bloglet, that I would find it to suddenly be such an exciting thing. I feel like a whole new world has suddenly opened up and now it is 3:00am and my mind is still a-whirring away, composing blog posts, thinking of topics to post about, photos to take, people to talk to, crafty bits and bobs to share..... I kind of feel like I really am seeing the world through new eyes.

Of course, I realise it has something of a novelty value at the moment, that the dizzying thrill will soon wear off, and it will become an enjoyable, pleasant but not hugely exciting thing to do.

Which will be great, 'cos right now the nights are hell.

Valium, anyone?


  1. Awww... he's sooo cute. I find I go through phases where I blog lots and then not so much... although Ollie is probably much less demanding than Miss 2. ;)

  2. Just noticed your followers don't appear to be showing up in your sidebar...?


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