Thursday, September 12, 2013

another weekend away ~ part 1.....

I am incredibly blessed and privileged to have a friend like Sue, who is such a generous and kind person.  Sue invited me to go the beach at St Leonards with her a couple of weeks ago, where we had also spent a great weekend a few weeks ago along with Marg and Tracee.  It was just Sue and I this time though, and our dogs, Tupai and Ollie. 

It was the most wonderful weekend ~ 

We enjoyed a walk along the seafront, looking at the bollards, in Geelong on the way ~

and a lovely walk along the beach at St Leonards each day ~

Tupai just loves the water, and can't wait to just dive right in ~

Ollie had me up early on Sunday morning, and the sunrise was beautiful ~

We had lovely food, wonderful company (two and four legged!), did some sewing, lots of reading, and generally just relaxed and enjoyed life.

I did have big plans for lots of sewing that I wanted to get done, but silly me managed to pack my cutting mat and rotary cutter into my car, but then forgot to transfer them over to Sue's car for the drive to St Leonards.  I did still manage to get some sewing done, but best laid plans......

more to follow.......

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  1. Looks like another great weekend, I just love those bollards.


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