Sunday, September 22, 2013

fnsi september '13.....

and here....

Well, I did have a lovely evening, enjoying my first FNSI.....

I started earlier in the evening before dinner, quilting, trimming and machine sewing the binding on this mug rug for Shez ~

After dinner, with FNSI now in full swing, I hand sewed the binding down.  I must admit, I love this; this pink floral is some of my most favourite fabric ever.  I might just have to make one for myself!

Next up was sewing these hexies for Sue ~

Sue was asked to repair this quilt below for an acquaintance, but it has turned out to be a HUGE job, which has now gone on for a very long time.  She is on the last stretch now, but it has become a bit tedious, so I have been helping her out a little with making some of these hexie flowers using 1/2" hexies.  I actually really enjoy them (in fact, I can see a 1/2" hexie flower quilt or two somewhere in my future...), so these were sewn on Friday night.

and lastly, I made these hexies, ready for glue basting and sewing at our Mill Rosie friends get together tomorrow - more on that to follow.

I really enjoyed my first FNSI - it will definitely be in the diary from now on!


  1. it was awesome to catch up with you yesterday tania,and i can lend you my rug mug if you are a good girl,lol,i do love it and will use it,i too love that rose fabric,thankyou again my friend,you Gisbine girls are so funny.xx

  2. Hello Tania,

    Had to laugh about Shez not loving mug mats, it had roses on it and it is so lovely.
    Lovely hexies too.

    Happy days.

  3. do we need to call Shez the mug rug queen now?
    they look lovely.
    Loving the hexies too and the repaired quilt is well worth the effort it looks wonderful.


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