Friday, September 13, 2013

another weekend away ~ part 2.....

So, on our wonderful weekend away, although I didn't end up sewing all that I had planned, I did get a 'Blanket of Love' mini quilt quilted, and made a few blocks for Sharon's 'I Spy' quilt which she is so kindly and thoughtfully putting together for a very sick little boy.

We had a really gorgeous walk along on the beach on Monday, seeing pelicans, starfish and jellyfish in our travels. 


The beach textures were really interesting ~

We did hope for some dolphins, but sadly none were to be seen.... 

The day was really hazy, and it was hard to see where the sea ended and the horizon started.  It was just the perfect day - I felt like I had a little glimpse of paradise..... The little dots are boats in the distance ~

Although Ollie is not a rescue dog as such, he did have one home where he was badly mistreated, and is now a very timid and nervous little doggie, even though he has come out of his shell a lot in the two and a half years I have had him.  All the same, I was not sure how he would go on the weekend, as I hadn't taken him away before, but he surprised us all, and even got his feet wet in the sea water on Monday. 

doggies contemplating the ocean.....

Sue's Toy Voyagers had a lovely time enjoying the sun too, relaxing in their deck chairs ~

All too quickly it was time to go home.  Sadly, Ollie has quite a phobia about going in cars, shaking, whining and whimpering even before he gets in the car. You wouldn't have known that though, looking at this photo ~

Luckily he did cope better than I thought he would in the car, both there and back.  Tupai just snoozed his way home in the back of the car.....

We had a quick stop to stretch our legs on the way home and found this beautiful scenery late in the afternoon, not far from home ~

and, sadly, that was the end of another gorgeous weekend away...... 

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  1. Love your photos Tania, especially the Bacchus Marsh Road one, lucky I didn't pop up into it!!!:-)


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