Thursday, September 12, 2013

friday night with friends - 06/09/2013.....

OK, I know this post is RIDICULOUSLY late, so I was not going to worry about it.... but I had a change of heart and decided I would still like to post the photos as a reminder of my friends and the lovely night we had together.

Sue, Tracee, Marg and myself had a fun evening at Tracee's home - such an interesting home too, with some of the walls painted with scenery, lots of quilts on display, and gorgeous decor.  As always, we had a lovely time together, with lots of yummy food and drinks, and lots of laughs.

Tracee's dog Harmony was loving all the visitors ~ cuddling with Marg here ~

While Sue amused herself - and us - trying to turn Harmony into a lion ~

Tracee's other gorgeous dog Isis joined in too, but somehow did not make it into a photo, sadly

Marg worked away on her kangaroo quilt - I think this was the very final kangaroo on the whole quilt ~

Sue worked away on some hexies - tiny, little 1/2 inch hexies, mind you - to go on a quilt she is very kindly repairing for a friend ~

Tracee worked on some knitting ~

and showed us some absolutely gorgeous embroidery she had done ~

and I continued working away on my hexie flowers.....

It was a lovely night, spent with lovely friends


  1. It was a lovely night Tania, Thank you for being part of it. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. I am glad you put up the post. The photos are great to look at. We did have a good night didn't we!

  3. Love the photos Tania, and yes we had a great night - looking forward to the next one!!


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