Wednesday, April 2, 2014

let's book it 2014 ~ the underground railroad quilt

A catch up post for some of my recent sewing happenings -

Some time ago, Sue, Tracee, Marg and myself decided to have our own little quilt-along, making the Underground Railroad quilt from this book by Eleanor Burns, and getting together on the first Friday evening of each month for FNWF (hosted by the amazing Cheryll), to make each block.
Our first block - we are working in order through the book - is the Underground Railroad block.  Sue, Tracee and Marg opted to go with the green/brown/cream colours used in the book, but I decided on red/cream/blue for my colours, although having now seen their green/brown/cream results I am feeling a bit torn!.
This is the result of our first night's sewing ~

We were very industrious ~ look at these ladies hard at work!

We do find this book quite hard to follow, the instructions are not well written.  I think Marg's face in the picture above says 'what the hell does that mean'!!

I must admit I am not happy with my block, and am also not convinced I am happy with these colours.  Sue and I got together last Thursday night and made our second block and I tried some different colours - dark blue/mustard/taupe - which I think I prefer.  One of them will have to be remade, I'm not sure yet which....  

As we are doing this quilt-along from a book, I am joining in this month with  Vroomans Quilts for 'Let's Book It 2014'. 

We had originally decided to do just one block a month, but, with 15 blocks to make, have decided we will probably make two blocks a month going forward. 

Now, I just need to make a final decision about my colours, before we go on to the next block .....


  1. You girls are so clever.xx

  2. Hey don't we look industrious!! And confused!! Great to see you back!!

  3. lovely blocks.
    at least working together you can work out the instructions a little easier.
    Looks like a very serious affair, stitching these blocks?

  4. I find choosing colours so stressful. Red and blue is always a good combination. Will it blend in with the others? Maybe you won't have to redo anything.

  5. I think this is a great way to tackle this project - sewing with friends is always so much more fun and productive.

  6. Just lovely Tania..I thought that I may of seen a churndash...looking forward in catching up Friday.

  7. I love these blocks. Just as well you have each other to help interpret the instructions :)


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