Friday, June 13, 2014

a bit of randomness.....

I need to delete some photos off my camera, so today as I was going through them, I found quite a few to share that had not been on my blog previously -
fun Halloween decorations last year, outside my favourite house in Gisborne (not mine, sadly!)
an amazing and beautiful sunset
 the beach at St Leonards - on holidays with Sue
 flower mini I made last year and sent to Maria, in Cheryll's swap
a get together of blogging and sewing friends in April - much hilarity was the order of the day
 taken on the same day with a few of us ladies from the Mill Rosies group
my gorgeous nephew playing basketball -
just about my most favourite activity for the week is to watch his basketball games
my gorgeous boy
you may not know that Ollie also comes to work with me... in his basket next to my desk at work and looking very handsome, having just been to the groomer
my sister's and niece's gorgeous dog Scout... she has the most beautiful and affectionate nature
a delicious lunch last weekend.... home made vegie soup and a cheesy toastie on a cold day
 ... and some delicious afternoon tea, a homemade banana cake just out of the oven...
being the nature geek I am, I loved this beautiful lichen on a tree at work



  1. so many lovely pics Tania,
    glad you rediscovered them and shared.
    great post about your long weekend and the special day at the patchwork shop. Irene has so many beautiful quilt designs.

  2. Beautiful--amazing what you sometimes find on your camera

  3. Beautiful photos Tania - I want some soup now!!! Love the lichen photo!...well all of the photo's really!!

  4. OMG! I know who lives in your favourite house... and it's pretty impressive on the inside too. :)

  5. gorgeous pics Tana and a lovely post,thankyou for sharing.xx

  6. Gorgeous photos that made a very nice catch up!


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