Wednesday, June 11, 2014

a handy tip, and an amazing product.....

A few months ago, I was ironing fusible web onto some fabric, when the tip of the iron caught the fusible web flipped it over, and the whole sheet stuck to the bottom of my iron.  Although I forgot to take a picture of it, it was something like this.....
only worse (and not coloured) - the whole base was pretty much covered.
I tried four or five different things to try and get the fusbile web off but to no avail, so I put the iron aside and forgot about it.
A few days ago, whilst doing some tidying up and cleaning, I came across the iron and was going to throw it out.  And then I remembered I had these....
A package of 'purple rags', or 'rags in a bag' from Flylady, a American company.  I personally think Flylady is an amazing resource, and know that they research their products thoroughly, only selling the best they can find. 
I have often read emails about these purple rags, and all the amazing things they can do, and so decided to give them a try.  Only 30 seconds and some elbow grease later, all the fusible web was gone, every single bit!  It looks like a new iron!
So, if you have this problem sometime, it may work out cheaper to buy a package of these from Flylady, rather than having to go and buy a new and possibly expensive iron!


  1. wow that is amazing,thankyou for sharing with us Tania.xx

  2. I think I need some of those! My iron is atrocious...


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