Thursday, June 12, 2014

a lovely weekend - Irene Blanck pattern launch.....

I had a wonderful time last weekend.  I swapped days at work last week so I had Friday off - only realising a couple of days later Monday was a holiday too, so I had accidentally organised an extra long weekend for myself! I spent Friday tidying and cleaning at home - not fun while you are doing it, but very satisfying at the end!

Friday night of course was FNWF and on Saturday, my friend Amanda and I went to a pattern launch at Mary Kelly's shop Patch and Quilt in Gisborne, of new designs by Irene Blanck, of 'Focus on Quilts'.

Held in Mary's classroom at the rear of the shop, a small exhibition of Irene's quilts both new and old was set up, and it looked gorgeous.  It was a shame that, as the room is needed for classes during the week, the exhibition could not be left for longer so that more people could see it. 

Irene's quilts really are beautiful, and it was really enjoyable to see so many of them in one space together.

 Confetti laying flat on the table in the photo above
Irene herself is a lovely lady, and very inspirational.  She is a very prolific and talented quilt designer and maker, and yet has an extremly full life away from the quilt world, including a full time job, doing hospice care, and teaching meditation classes, as well as looking after numerous family members.  Irene says that if she can find time to quilt, then anyone can - and I would have to say I completely agree!

In fact, she has inspired me to try and be more organised and productive with my own quilting, and managing my time with the other aspects of my life better (and hopefully I am doing better; I already have 3 finishes for OPAM, which is unheard of for me lol!).

Here are a few more photos of Irene's quilts - all taken for my blog with Irene's permission.
Melon Lime & Bitters on wall in photo above  

I did buy two of Irene's patterns which I have noted above - one for Confetti, a hexie quilt which I have loved since I first saw it about 4 years ago, and one of her new designs, Melon Lime & Bitters.
Afterwards, Amanda (who doesn't like to have her photo on the blog) and I went to my favourite cafe in Gisborne, 3 little pigs, for hot chocolate and a muesli bikkie for me, and latte and sticky syrup pudding for Amanda - yum!

On Sunday I spent the whole day at home sewing and reading, just me and Ollie. 
It was pure bliss, and sooo relaxing.
I also spent some time with family this weekend, including a lovely visit from my Mum and Stepdad for afternoon tea on Saturday, and out for dinner at one of our local Chinese restaurants on Monday night with my Mum and my niece which included lots of laughter and silliness - always important for the soul!

It was a fantastic, accidentally-extra-long, weekend!


  1. You certainly have been having fun. I adore Irene's quilts too.

  2. Irene's quilts really do look lovely - I'm not surprised you couldn't resist the odd pattern. Sounds like a lovely weekend!


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