Thursday, June 26, 2014

some more randomness.....

I've been having a lovely time, over here in my little corner of blogworld.....
some more lovely quilts from the Sunbury Quilt Show... 
I LOVE minis.... and here is a whole display of them!
 an amazing 'Farmer's Wife' quilt
 another of my friend Carolyn's beautiful quilts
enjoying being at home...
a relaxing Sunday morning in bed with some knitting and my favourite magazines
 a delicious fruit loaf

 and some cheese & chive scones

 I really enjoyed this book
and this one
and browsing through this one
there has been some sewing...

catching up on my 'Market Day' quilt along sewing 

and watching...

a gorgeous series, I just love it
there have been beautiful sunrises...

and happy mail...

bought with birthday money, I have been waiting for this with
barely-contained excitement.....
and lunchtimes from work spent at home having something
warm and yummy to eat ~

 some delicious risotto - I am so lucky that my job is only 5 minutes from home 

life is good.....


  1. hi Tania you sure have been having fun cheese and chive scones are one of my SIl's favourite scones.Isnt Gail book awesome i love it and want to make everything in it.=,enjoy my friend.xx

  2. Sounds like fabulous days! Love the colour yarn you are knitting with! Haven't ordered my book yet - will do so soon :-)

  3. Life is indeed good! So many happy things here :-D

  4. Life is very good - you have bee a busy bunny in your corner of blogland!!!
    Love to try and make your fruit loaf one day....wool is a lovely colour!


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