Thursday, June 12, 2014

another catch up and friday night with friends - june 2014.....

The gifts I worked on over Chookyblue's birthday weekend are now finished and gone to their respective recipients. These were birthday gifts, for friends whose birthdays were in May, and were all meant to be mug rugs, although they may have grown a little too big for that lol -

Firstly, this one for Anette, as for a long time from when I first knew her, she was always working on green hexies -

This one for Donna, who loves Canada and moose (mooses?) -

And finally this one for Marg.  Marg and I, along with Sue and Tracee, are working on the Underground Railroad quilt together, so I chose the 'Basket' block from the book for her

This past Friday was FNWF, and Sue came to my house for some more Underground Railroading.  Tracee had family commitments on the night so couldn't make it, and Marg had SES training, but came later for a cuppa and some dessert.

Sue and I worked on our 'Crossroads' block -

sewing away.....

hmmm, does that look right?......

we've been working hard.....

our finished blocks.....

Sue' blog post is here ...

a cuddle for Ollie.....

I really had a great night, thanks Sue and Marg


  1. you girls have so much fun,well done on your finishes Tania.xx

  2. Your huge mug rugs are beautiful!!! Lol! Love the Ollie cuddles even if he didn't!!

  3. I just love my gift from you Tania. It was certainly a surprise and you certainly observe people quietly to know what project they are interested in. All beautiful gifts. Thank you.

  4. your new railroad blocks look great and am loving the big mug rugs, they are so wonderful.


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